Community Development Program

Ever since the who formed in the economic, social and cultural rights to promote conservation, participatory approaches, poverty reduction, human rights based social assistance groups required to support development-oriented approach and introduction of sustainable, effective Community-Based Development to implement the Program established in 2005.
Community development human rights-based standards, we ger, and a decent group of housing, land, livelihood, the right to development through emphasis on capacity building to achieve implementation of the work is to create a spread.
Human rights-based, volunteer based, in principle, equal participation of group members was based on, all partake of the principles of the balanced benefits, cash accumulation groups (MSE) initiating the establishment of the movement, the MSE of sustainable development through their activities ensure the development of multilateral cooperation to strengthen the local community.

Cash savings of the groups (MSE) to establish, enhance participation of each member, empowering
On all sides to strengthen cooperation, work with direction and a way to introduce
The MSE of the network to create a national, sustainable
The MSE in rural areas of the regional coordinator to create
Local management and budget, the DBM-as the infrastructure support
Financial support
MSE data, provide methodological guidance and support