Combating Human Trafficking

Human trafficking cases in Mongolia since 2000 with the central/PRESCRIBES/-of the situation, study the legal environment, the first victims being trafficked and non-governmental organizations began to advocate since 2002 with the independent fighting program.

Program mission: to prevent Human trafficking from, to fight, to suppress, to restore the violated rights of the victims to enjoy this type of crime, lies in the legal environment to advance.


Mongolia PRESCRIBES what about the situation of research and training
PRESCRIBES to improve the legal environment and international standards extra changes to them
To protect the interests of victims and justice to them, social assistance and services
Great travel Mongolian citizens and PRESCRIBES the cooperation of the victim countries can build and expand
PRESCRIBES to effectively fight with necessary book, guide to design, print and distribute
Cooperation of state and non-state institutions to align
Project implemented by:

“Being trafficked victim-witness protection and litigation strategy of the” project /2010-2012 year/
Supporting organizations: the Department of State of the United States of America, the american Association of advocates